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5.0.845 - 7th June 2022

By Liam @liam
    2022-06-14 11:16:31.138Z

    New Features

    • Added option to run a ThinkAutomation instance as a failover server for another instance. See Configuring A Failover Server in the help.


    • Fixed issue with Reply To option on Send Email action changing the From address instead of just the 'reply-to' header.


    • The Send Email action now has the option of sending the email immediately and the send result returned to a variable, in addition to the default option of adding the email to the outbox queue.
    • When viewing the Automation Process Log you can now right-click a line and select View Message Store Message to view the processed message.
    • The Lookup From Excel action and Excel Pickup Message Sources now support CSV, XLS, XLSB and ODS files in addition to XLSX files.
    • The Convert Document To Text action now has a Test button allowing you to preview the conversion.
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