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Update status of an idea by Parker Software

By isedwinr @isedwinr
    2022-05-27 06:20:42.613Z2022-05-27 13:55:07.166Z


    I know that not all (my) ideas are great ;) but I would like to know a status if ideas are or have been considered, noticed or, as final status, are not going to be built at all.

    For example, I added this topic
    Open Explorer, Message Source log, Automation Process logs and Message store in Separate Windows
    The status is still set to "an idea" as of April 3, and the only follow-up options are "plan to do", "started" and "done".

    For now it would be nice if you would put an idea on "close" so that I know that I can start looking for an alternative.
    In the case of my above idea I then create something that opens the various TA SQLite databases through a browser interface.



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