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5.0.835 - 17th May 2022

By Liam @liam
    2022-05-23 10:04:32.017Z

    New Features

    • Added Online Automation Library. When viewing the Automation Library you can now browse Automations in the Online Library. The Online Library will contain sample Automations created by Parker Software and Automations created by other ThinkAutomation users. You can download Automations from the online library which you can then use and edit.


    • Fixed issue with Wait For User Response action not working when using MySQL for the Message Store database


    • You can now set times of day that the ThinkAutomation performs message store database maintenance (where old processed messages are removed). Previously this was fixed at midnight - which could sometimes clash with other database maintenance operations when using a shared database server for your Message Store. You can specify multiple times if you have a busy ThinkAutomation implementation.
    • File Pickup message sources now have the option of running on a schedule (eg: Every x minutes) instead of real time folder monitoring. Real time folder monitoring cannot be used on some UNC paths where network connectivity is intermittent.
    • The File Operation - Get Folder Contents action now allows a mask to be specified.
    • The FTP Download action now allows you to synchronize a remote folder to a local folder. All new or changed files from the specified remote folder will be downloaded to the local folder.
      New: Added Continue Loop action. This can be used inside For Each loops to move processing to the next iteration (or exit the loop if on the last iteration).
    • You can now use the Send Message option to send test messages against Library Automations.
    • You can now scroll past the end of the last Action when editing an Automation. This makes it easier to add new actions to the end of the Automation when editing Automations with many actions.
    • Improved Excel File Pickup Message Source. Provides better compatibility with Excel files created with older versions of Excel.


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