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5.0.825 - 27th April 2022

By Liam @liam
    2022-04-27 08:53:59.856Z

    New Features

    • Added 'Is A Valid Email Address' for the If block condition check to check if the email address has a valid MX record. If you are sending emails to unknown recipients then you can use this to check the address is valid AND has a valid MX record before using the Send Email action.
    • Added 'Append To Remote Path' option on Cloud Storage action (upload option). Allows you to dynamically upload to sub folders. Sub folders will be created if they do not exist.
    • Added Wasabi, DigitalOcean & Linode cloud storage providers to Cloud Storage action.
    • Added 'Create Outlook MSG File' action to save the current or a custom message as an Outlook compatible MSG file.


    • Fixed issue with deleting messages from the Message Store when using MySQL for the Message Store database.
    • Fixed issue with File Pickup message source where the reader did not initialize correctly (introduced in build 815).


    • Added option to use an External Browser for OAuth sign-in's when using the Studio. Depending on your security setup your system may prevent the embedded Edge browser from being used, in which case you can enable this option in the Studio preferences.
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