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5.0.818 - 20th April 2022

By Liam @liam
    2022-04-20 12:04:29.988Z

    New Features

    • Added 'OAuth' sign in option for Microsoft Dynamics CRM actions (required for most recent versions of Dynamics).
    • Added 'HTML Editor' field input type for Web Form Message Sources and Wait For User Response action. Displays a full HTML editor. The field value is returned as HTML.
    • The Send Email action now has a WYSIWYG editor option for HTML emails. The previous HTML source editor can still be used if preferred. The Outgoing Email HTML Editing option in the Studio Preferences can be used to toggle.
    • The Send Email action now has the option to disable the automatic conversion of plaintext containing Markdown to HTML. This is useful if you need to send plaintext emails containing markdown characters (eg: 1234) and do not want the plaintext auto-converted to HTML.
    • For Outgoing emails using the Markdown to HTML conversion, you now have the option of editing the CSS using Server Settings - Email CSS.


    • The File Pickup message source will now recover if the pickup folder connection is lost (folder is deleted, renamed or network lost in the case of network drives/unc paths). The Message Reader service will continue to re-check the folder every 30 seconds and will start monitoring it again if the folder re-appears. Previously this would have required a service restart.
    • Fixed issue with IMAP Message Source reporting unnecessary error in log when no new messages found.
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