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5.0.800 - 2nd March 2022

By Liam @liam
    2022-04-01 12:08:16.288Z

    New Features

    The local API addmessage HTTP GET can now return files. Specify a file path in the Automation return value. Embedded File Store files can also be returned. You can return whole html pages, images, PDF files etc. The response Content-Type will be set according to the file extension. See the Local API help for more information.
    The Twilio Make A Telephone Call action can now use the 'Alice' voice, which provides more languages.
    Added Wrap HTML action. Wraps text, Markdown or HTML snippets inside HTML tags to create a viewable HTML page. This action is useful if you have content that you have created earlier in your Automation that you then want to wrap inside a HTML page. The resulting HTML can then be used for outgoing emails or for any other purpose. Styles can be added or you can use the built-in basic or Bootstrap styling.
    Added Read CSV File action - a generic action for reading CSV files. Columns can be deleted and sorted before CSV data is assigned to a variable.


    Fixed issue with File Pickup message source not resetting the reader if the file path/mask is changed, requiring a restart of the service.
    Fixed issue with Database message source error when deleting processed rows.

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