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File Pickup Not Working as Expected Due to Lack of Scheduled to Run Option

By @pmavrakis
    2022-03-23 18:08:29.794Z

    In TA4 we have file pickup set to a directory as shown below

    In 5 the same directory is set up

    Is that directory, there is a subfolder called Export 1 with a series of subfolders beneath that.

    In TA4 we have the automation scheduled to run at various times throughout the day. Within our automation, we have a script that iterates through the subdirectories and pulls files and processes them depending on which subfolder they are in. Specifically, it pulls the name of the of the subfolder, and calls back to SQL to compare it to ax existing department, and then sends the file in the subfolder to the email associated to that department in SQL.

    However, since in TA5 the automation is on demand and not scheduled, the automation never runs because it isn't seeing any file changes in the subfolders and in turn running the automation. Can we add this scheduled run feature to file pickup so these automation will work?

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    1. R
        2022-03-24 14:33:42.666Z

        I continue to have problems with the monitored folder option and have given up using that. You can schedule a timer and use a C# script as follows to look for any files:

        using System.IO;
        string [] file_list;
        file_list = Directory.GetFiles(@"\machine\monitoredfolder", "*.pdf");

        foreach(string working_file in file_list)
        //processing action