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Sharing library routines

By Mark Carpenter @mark.carpenter
    2022-03-20 13:05:24.426Z

    Whereas most of my library automations are specific to my application space, I am building up some primitive library automations, such as a JSON Array Add/Initialize function. I'm happy to share these automations, but would need a simple vehicle. Any thoughts on creating a community library that we can post / pull from?

    For very-future-extra-credit how about a public automation library we can use HTTP Get and dynamically add to our automations?

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    1. M
      Mark Carpenter @mark.carpenter
        2022-03-26 14:56:27.895Z

        Here's another library automation. This one trims a text string beginning with a keyword found within the string

        1. I
          In reply tomark.carpenter:
          isedwinr @isedwinr
            2022-04-02 10:40:36.382Z

            +100 ! yes please!

            I'd like to share too and have an easy way of looking for "snippets" or automations others use to solve things.

            Great idea!

            1. Iisedwinr @isedwinr
                2022-04-02 10:44:29.374Z

                Maybe TA/Parker kan facilitate this for the "user group",
                if not I'm happy to share mine on a webservice/site

                I'm not a coder so I don't know if there is a (general and easy) website for this already

              • I
                In reply tomark.carpenter:
                isedwinr @isedwinr
                  2022-04-02 10:52:06.445Z

                  This is a custom C# script splitting up values on a seperator ( can be done via TA as well but this one is very efficient ;) )

                  I paid to develop this for me but if others can benefit from it that's OK to me because: why not ?! ;)