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web forms processing

By @readar
    2022-03-10 18:38:53.063Z

    I have been experimenting with the web forms functionality. I find that if I have wait for return value enabled, that submitted forms go into the processing queue and have to take their turn to be processed. On a busy server, that can take minutes to be processed. Is there no priority that can be set for web form processing? Having a web form submission timeout is unacceptable behavior and makes this function only usable when you don't need any type of response back from the ThinkAuto server. Any improvements you can make here or any suggestions?

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    1. S
      Stephen Parker @stephenparker
        2022-03-14 13:41:30.893Z

        We will look into this. Currently the Message Processor service starts several processor tasks - and messages are given to each task on a round robin basis (meaning separate automations can have their messages processed concurrently).

        We could possibly have separate tasks for messages originating from web forms - so these would get processed independently. Although there still may be a delay depending on what the web form automations are set up to do and how many forms come in.

        If you have long running Automations (eg uploading files to FTP server etc) what you can do is use the 'Call' action WITHOUT the wait for response option - to send off the long running part to a different Automation. In your main automation you can then return a form response.


        1. R@readar
            2022-03-14 14:13:29.954Z

            In my case here, I'm submitting some data and returning a dynamic response (another populated web form) based on the submitted data. You may not have designed this to work like a web server, but I think if there were tasks assigned to web forms as you've described that would work very well for us.