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By Mark Carpenter @mark.carpenter
    2022-03-04 15:20:59.525Z

    This is a request for future UI enhancement with regard to the Solution list display/selector.

    We have 16 solutions at the moment (see below) and anticipate doubling as we build out our interconnect/automation systems. It would be great to have Studio preference setting that would enable organizing solutions to categories (folders?) or at a minimum be able to select a default sort order (by name for example). The current sort order doesn't seem to be changeable.

    The quick access toolbar can be helpful but since the icon is the same for each its usability is a bit limited.

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    1. R
        2022-03-10 20:53:03.153Z

        I agree, sort order at minimum but some sort of hierarchical folder view would be nice.

        And why do some show as faded grey, haven't figured that out yet...