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How to Manually Authenticate with Office365 and Azure Message Sources

Steps to Mannually Authenticate

• First, generate an Azure App Registration, in Azure AD.
This should have the following properties:

• Once you have the app created, you need to have from the app:

  • Application (client) ID
  • Directory (tenant) ID

• Once this has been done, take the zipped files, and unzip them onto the ThinkAutomation server. - (12.36 MiB)

• Stop all the ThinkAutomation services and close any open ThinkAutomation Studio instances.

• Open an admin command prompt, and run the ThinkAutomationConsole.exe with Administrator privileges.

• A guide will now appear, asking you to select an authentication type to replace.

• Select Microsoft from the list, and then answer the questions it asks you.

• Single-tenant is recommended for most organisation implementations unless you need to support multi-tenant or personal Microsoft accounts.

• Enter the Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID when prompted

• You can press return to accept the default endpoints for the auth, token and graph API unless these need to be changed.

• Once it is done, try to set up a mailbox. You should be able to see the different authentication types.