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5.0.795 - 17th Feb 2022

By Liam @liam
    2022-02-17 13:27:02.807Z2022-02-25 13:24:08.804Z

    New Features

    • The Embedded Data Store action now has a Browse Data button allowing you to browse data from the Embedded Data Store. You can run SQL SELECT queries against all databases and collections. Query results can be printed and exported.
    • The Send Message form will now show a Enter Field Values button if the Automation has any Extract Field actions. You can then enter specific values for each field. When the message is sent for processing, ThinkAutomation will create the message body accordingly. This is useful during Automation testing.
    • Web Form message sources can now be served locally in addition to the Public API endpoint. This is useful if you want to create Web Form message sources that can be viewed and completed within your internal network - bypassing the public API. The Web Form message source properties page show both the Public and Local URL's.
    • You can now assign a Trusted SSL certificate for the local HTTPS interface using the Server Settings - Client tab.
    • The Spreadsheet action now allows you to read back cell values to Automation %variables% after formula re-calculation.
    • The Update Json action now has a Preview button.
    • Added 'Basic' edition.


    • Fixed issue with Date Operations - Add To option where 'Weeks' were specified - days were being added instead.
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