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    From version 5.0.572.2 onwards, you may contact our Technical Support department via and request a password reset.

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    These guidelines and standards are not a comprehensive list of all rules. Parker software and its moderators reserve the right to lock, modify or remove posts and temporarily remove, block or ban users for any reason.

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    As of this moment, ThinkAutomation Studio does not currently include any features relating to SharePoint. This is/was a feature of ThinkAutomation 4, but due to the new architecture of ThinkAutomation Studio it has not currently been implemented.

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    Teams Action is no longer working When you trigger the webhook in Team you receive an outgoing webhook error I have tried on 2 different Microsoft Tennents

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    The system is stating that there is a new version available 5.0.640.2 If I click install the screen says

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    I have one data source that is throwing the error Object reference not set to an instance of an object. From GetMime Which pauses the process queue whenever it happens Can you help me understand what might be causing the error, and where to look to f...

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    In the previous version you could programmatically set an upload path for example upload docs into a subfolder by date This does not seem to be available anymore Further more, I have created a new folder and the system will not let me navigate up a f...

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    I have an automation Which monitors a Teams Channel. It is working however every time the Teams chat references the automation it always displays “Sorry, there was a problem encountered with your request” Before displaying the data returned by TA Fro...

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    Any plans for a JSON Copy action? It's a bit cumbersome to extract fields into unique variables from one JSON structure when all they are needed for is to when create another JSON structure, particularly when there are multiple JSONs that have the da...

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    Can you elaborate on how TA5 will control the amount of concurrent processing of messages. In our environment, we may see a thousand or so messages pop into a mailbox (not the norm but can happen when related systems go offline for a bit and then cat...

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    The following message shows when attempting to reference a .net dll. Customer mentions that they're able to add the reference, however it seems to happen fairly frequently. Will add more info as appropriate

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    Hi All, I am looking for a way to create bulk TA triggers. I usually get 100+ triggers to create with 100 different folder paths. Appreciate if anyone can help me out on this. Thank you

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    Having an issue with reordering lines in and around For..Next loops. The line numbers seem to be ok, but the display does not list the code in line number format. In the example, I was moving AdditionalCandidate = Call.. from above the For (line 30) ...

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    Hi, I am new using thinkautomation studio, my app does not looks like the screen pictures on the website or in the youtube video, I am missing the message source button, is there a config that I am missing in order to see it? all I have is "New Autom...

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    This issue is from a customer, I have adapted the below from their initial query: The customer is having an issue with non-JSON helper messages. From their observation, this seems to happen after the automation begins including JSON actions with JSON...

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    Just a tip regarding how calls with multiple variables can be implemented. In this example, we use the 'spirit' of key : value pairs to pass two variables containing strings and one variable containing a JSON record extracted from a table: NoteResult...

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    Our new REST API returns a list of matching results as a JSON array. I need to walk through the array and pull certain key values. The For Each doesn't seem to support walking through the JSON. I have tried looping on a extract and using a counter fo...

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    This is an obscure usage case that results in a library couldn't load pop up message: Add Execute Script Add references (I'm adding Newtonsoft) Do not save script, just cancel out Add Execute Script Add same reference again On my system this results ...

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    If you find yourself getting an error message similar to this when attempting to connect to an Office 365 mailbox; Then you will need to either allow the user to have the permission to access apps that access data on the companies behalf within Azure...

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    If you are setting up the servers offline (no internet access) then you will need the following prerequisites installed on the server before you can install ThinkAutomation. .NET Framework 4.7 Webview2 Runtime Visual C++ 2015 32 bit

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    With the Send Email function, it seems that if you put valid html in as part of the body (%msg%), that portion does not get interpreted as part of the html as is seen as plain text. Just adding the variable seems to work, but it shows errors. Also, h...

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    Why do we use 'Remove from Incoming Message' option in TA ?

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    We utilize snippets to process attachments in TA4. With TA5 the closest thing would be the "Call Automation" action which seems more along the lines of sending to another trigger. The problem with that is we can only send one variable over from the t...

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    Hi On version 5 it appears to process all emails as plain text. Therefore as a scenario in HTML I may see WARD: maternity in plaintext I see WARD: maternity How can i extract until a carrage return or new line ? kind regards

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    Hello we are using File Operation - Move file action with variables for the From and To Folder fields. The error message indicates that the original filepath and name are being copied after the variable name. Date Line Error Node Details 6/13/2021 1:...

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    Customer mentions that when attempting to use any DB lookup actions on a DB2 DB, they get the following error: Customer also confirmed that they had the DB2 runtime client installed

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    Customer has set a timer to run once a day, at 1:00 AM. According to their message log it seems to run multiple times. See below screenshots:

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    I am having problems linking TA5 to MS Access. I have set up an ODBC DSN as follows: In TA V5 I set up an 'Update Database' action configured to use ODBC and confirmed it is working: When I try to run the Automation I get the following error: Which c...

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    In TA V4 it was easy to clear the logs and you could also turn on enhanced logging which does not seem to be possible in TA V5. Is this still possible?

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    I have scoured the new system for the outgoing email server config on TA V5 and I am dammed if I can find it! :-) Many thanks.

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    Hi , I need to capture only one email with attachment from my gmail account through TA though we there is 2 same emails with attachment - please help on this.

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    Hi I am in the middle of migrating to version 5 and am having a few issues. The current headache is that the built in message variable %Msg_FromName% is not working when it works on the same email being processed on version 4 any ideas very welcome Paul

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    Is there a way to increase the font size of the PDF action? It doesn't seem to do a 1 to 1 match of the original email ingested. Goes from size 11 in the original font to size 8. Also when using the header option the values have an indent. Both of th...

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    After getting graph groups approved we are getting the following OAuthSignIn.TokenReceived error when trying to log into the account.

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    I’m trying to setup TA5 and get the following error when trying to create the database doing a remote SQL install. “Database create failed. File option FILENAME is required in this CREATE/ALTER DATABASE statement. FROM Execute”

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    Any examples of HTTP POST action where the JSON passed to the API includes an array? Per JSON structure it should be [ {"key":"Value"}, ...] but perhaps I'm not sure how to indicate the array field name in the HTTP POST request. I've also tried provi...

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    Running a solution of automations that have worked in the past. The automation log, and behavior of the automtation suggest that large portions of the automations, and called automations, are not processing. In the attached screen grabs, MASHER START...

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    One of the issues I have encountered is this error when using the OAuth SignIn action: The fields that we filled in: Authorization Endpoint:{tenantId}/oauth2/v2.0/authorize Token Endpoint https://login.microsoftonli...

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    Anyone have a good example Json that is successfully parsed by the Create JSON action? I keep getting a "nothing to parse" indicating no json elements found in the json i'm entering. I've tried json schemas and json objects and even the simple { "Nam...

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    Hello Think Automation community, I am back again with another issue with Twilio. In my automation, I am opening a Database Reader and starting a ForEach loop with the intent to send a survey via text. The problem is with the text status returning. W...

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    It looks like I can replicate the rules OK, but I can’t get the new version to talk to our IMAP server – it just seems to send no data across the network and just sits on the connect IMAP page. I’ve tried completing the wizard without a successful co...